(厨房浴室排污软管)Flexible Drain Hose Basin Drain Hose Sink Strainer Hose Anti-Odor 32mm 40mm

[HIGH QUALITY]This drain hose is made of high quality ABS + steel wire material and provides corrosion protection and long life. Our drain hose does not rust and is extremely resistant and withstands the high water pressure that flows through it.

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RM4.00 - RM10.00
Techplas Upvc Plastic Bottle Trap 32mm 1 1/4" 40mm 1 1/2"

The bottle trap is an essential element of the basin's plumbing that keeps the bathroom hygienic and odor-free. When we use the basin, the used water goes down the basin waste, into the drainage pipe, and then into the sewer, where a lot of other waste and dirt is accumulating. Naturally, that accumulation involves a lot of nasty and potentially harmful gases.

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