Techplas Upvc Plastic Bottle Trap 32mm 1 1/4" 40mm 1 1/2"

The bottle trap is an essential element of the basin's plumbing that keeps the bathroom hygienic and odor-free. When we use the basin, the used water goes down the basin waste, into the drainage pipe, and then into the sewer, where a lot of other waste and dirt is accumulating. Naturally, that accumulation involves a lot of nasty and potentially harmful gases.

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(浴室防滑扶手)Straight Bathroom Grab Bar with Anti-Slip Grip and Safety Luminous Circles

-- LIFE SAVERS - Safety Is Affordable for Loved Ones. Install the handle and you have a safer bath or shower.The raised non slip design surfaces on middle is superior for safety when you have soapy hands and need to steady yourself. Enjoy greater peace of mind in the bathroom with our Grab Bar.<

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RM35.00 - RM65.00
(浴室折门)PVC Folding Door Pintu Lipat 31" x 82" & 35" x 82"
-- PVC folding door 31"x82" & 35"x85"
-- To ensure the colour you have chosen is available, please ask before you place an order.
-- Folding doors are made of heavier gauge PVC materials which are maintenance-free and long-lasting compared to other folding doors. Take a look, pick one up and you will surely tell the difference yourself.
RM130.00 - RM140.00
(无酸厨房与浴室瓷砖美缝胶)X'TRASEAL SN-505 Kitchen & Bathroom Sealant
SN505 Kitchen & Bathroom Sealant is a 100% Neutral Silicone Sealant with excellent anti-fungal properties. It resists mildew and suitable for many wet areas under high humidity and temperature conditions may be encountered. When cured it will form a durable, flexible, waterproof seal on most building materials.