(AB胶)Kossan Glue Ko-Glue KOGLUE Epoxy Glue 6.30kg

(AB胶)Kossan Glue Ko-Glue KOGLUE Epoxy Glue 6.30kg
(AB胶)Kossan Glue Ko-Glue KOGLUE Epoxy Glue 6.30kg
(AB胶)Kossan Glue Ko-Glue KOGLUE Epoxy Glue 6.30kg
(AB胶)Kossan Glue Ko-Glue KOGLUE Epoxy Glue 6.30kg
(AB胶)Kossan Glue Ko-Glue KOGLUE Epoxy Glue 6.30kg
(AB胶)Kossan Glue Ko-Glue KOGLUE Epoxy Glue 6.30kg


(AB胶)Kossan Glue Ko-Glue KOGLUE Epoxy Glue 6.30kg


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SKU: ko-glue

Weight(grams): 7500

Dimension: 20 cm (Length) x 20 cm (Width) x 35 cm (Height)

KOGLUE is a High-performance marine and general-purpose epoxy resin-based adhesive. 

Thixotropic for both gaps filling close contact joints. Offer a nonstaining glue line when cured. 

It also provides excellent resistance to seawater. This product is suitable for wooden, GRP, 

metals and concrete surfaces.


Kossan Glue Ko-Glue – High-Performance Marine Glue in Malaysia

Epoxy resin-based is a type of adhesive used in various applications and industries. It is a form of liquid adhesive material which hardens or cures into a solid with the help of a hardening agent. Kossan Paint offers an extensive range of glue and adhesive products for multipurpose industrial and marine uses. One of them is Kossan Glue Ko-Glue. Kossan Glue Ko-Glue is a high-performance epoxy resin-based marine glue. It has exceptionally high flexural strength and provides excellent resistance to seawater. It makes it highly versatile and suitable for both marine and general purposes.


Epoxy Resin Based Marine Glue

Commonly, epoxy resin is mixed with a hardener in different ratios to ensure it cures properly. It reacts with a hardening agent and goes through curing – where an epoxy resin-based adhesive goes from soft, runny liquid to hard solid. Before it heals completely, it provides a remarkably long pot life or working time. Kossan marine glue approximately has 60 minutes of pot life, giving you ample time to work.

The Ko-Glue marine glue comes in two packs of Part A and Part B, where it requires a mix in ratios of 2:1 by volume. It has an extended open time and cures to form a solid bond. This product is also versatile and can be used on many different types of surfaces. This epoxy resin-based marine glue is best for bonding wood, metal, plastics, and composites. It has excellent corrosion resistance properties that make it perfect for marine use and other outdoor applications such as boatbuilding or automotive repair.


Kossan Marine Glue for Various Applications

There is a wide variety of uses for epoxy resin-based marine glue, such as adhesion and sealant for shipbuilding, repair, and maintenance.


Marine Glue as Adhesives

One of the most common uses of marine glue is for adhesive purposes. It is because the strong properties of epoxy allow for it to be an effective binding watercraft parts, constructions of vehicles, and snowboards. Other than that, it is also a strong adhesion to wood, steel, fiberglass, and other materials. Kossan Glue is widely used due to its diverse options in various applications. It also offers a non-staining glue line when cured.


Marine Glue as Filler

Marine glue is widely used for filling gaps and repairing works. Marine epoxy glue is ideal for filling holes, repairing damage, and preventing corrosion. The epoxy resin-based filler provides high-strength gaps filling for wooden boat hulls and nail holes. It works with various materials, including concrete surfaces, wood, glass-reinforced plastic (GRP), and steel.

(AB胶)Kossan Glue Ko-Glue KOGLUE Epoxy Glue 6.30kg